Biblical Fasting - Drawing Nearer To The Holy Spirit

Biblical Fasting

The first biblical fasting is recorded when Moses fasted for 40 days on Mount Horeb. Although it is not mentioned in the scriptures that the patriarchs of old had fasted till Moses' time, it is safe to presume that they did, as there were many accounts of mourning among the people of Isreal in the Old Covenant.

In the first five books of the Bible, it is interesting to note that Moses did not command any particular fast, except on the Day of Atonement.

In the book of Leviticus, Moses spoke about "afflicting your souls. "In Hebrew, it means, "You shall humble yourselves deeply before God in your heart by sorrow, judging and loathing yourselves; and outwardly by fasting and avoiding all carnal comforts and delights."

This is the only fast recorded in the Bible that Moses commanded as a law, although the Isrealites did fast on other occasions from the ] sundown of one day to the next, for 24 hours.

Examples of biblical fasting have been common among the people of Isreal, since the time of Moses. After Isreal's defeat at Ai, Joshua, the general and the leaders of Isreal laid their faces before God till evening (Josh 7:6). They fasted for about 12 hours, from morning till evening.

You can find other examples of biblical fasting in the Old Testament. Judges 20:26 mentions about fasting until evening. Also in First Samuel 7:6 and Second Samuel 12:16.

Biblical Fasting in the New Testament

Going over to the New Testament, in all the Epistles that are written to the Church, not one time is the Church told to fast. That does not mean we should not.

Biblical fasting is mentioned, but no laws have been made, nor are the Churches commanded to fast. The reason being, fasting is done as the occasion arises.

When you fast, you are not changing God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. But fasting will help to change you. It will crucify your flesh and help you to be more sensitive to the presence and voice of the Holy Spirit.

It is good to fast when there are many things troubling and pressing you, and you need God's help. When you fast, take the time to pray and seek the Holy Spirit, who is able to deliver you.

Or if the Holy Spirit has spoken to you, or put an impression in your heart, urging you to fast, then do it! Obey His leading and you will see a miracle.

Purpose of Biblical Fasting

There are three reasons for bibical fasting:

  • To draw close to God in times of danger.
  • To minister to the Lord.
  • To lay hands on ministers to send them forth.

    It is a common misconception about biblical fasting is that Christians believe that fasting is to defeat the devil. Nono! Jesus has already defeated the devil with his blood when He died on the cross and was risen two thousand years ago. He has already won that victory for us!

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