Christian Leadership - What Does It Take To Lead Like Jesus Himself?

Without a shadow of doubt, I believe that Jesus is the source of all christian leadership. He is the greatest leader of all time.

People like Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Yonggi Cho are led by Jesus and His Holy Spirit. They take orders, commands and discipleship from Jesus Himself.

If you want to be an effective and godly christian leader, you need to learn from Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit.

I have collected many useful articles on godly leadership. These materials will help you have a clearer understanding on what exactly is leadership and how can you apply it to your daily lives.

Christian Leadership Articles

Jesus Is The Good Shepherd
Jesus is the true and good shepherd. Christian leadership should be like shepherding, who lay down his lives for the sheeps. Learn how to be a good shepherd whom God is choosing to lead His people.

Do You Desire To Be Great In The Kingdom Of God?
It is not the most intelligent, good looking, strong public speaking skills, charismatic or persuasive person who becomes great in the kingdom of God. Learn how we can become great in the kingdom by being a humble, trusting, teachable servant and adopting the S.H.A.P.E principles.

The Spirit Of Excellence
Having a Spirit of Excellence in whatever we do enables us to be a powerful witness for Jesus as well us a source of motivation and example for our followers. Learn to do everything as excellent as possible, as our God is excellent.

Are You Ready For Leadership?
Joshua became Isreal's leader during one of the most difficult times in its history. Are you ready for christian leadership? To lead like Joshua in this time?

The 4 Qualities Of A Strong Leader
God, Moses and the Isrealites all encouraged Joshua to excel in His leadership and to be strong and courageous. What exactly is needed in christian leadership? Four things apply:

Do You Love Power, Sex And Money?
Do you have control over power, sex and money in your life? Many biblical leaders and leaders now in this time have fallen because their desire for power, sex, and money. Be a godly leader and be a person of humility and accountability.

Does Other People's Opinion Matter Alot To You?
Are you secure in yourself? Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. The Master became the servant. The greatest and most high became the least and the lowest. Because He was secure in Himself. This is the ultimate Christian Leadership.

How did Gideon And His 300 Men Defeat The Enemies Of Israel?
Gideon the judge portrayed our Lord Jesus Christ in two interesting ways. Learn how the Bible Gideon and his 300 men overcome the enemies of your faith.

Where Did The Strongest Man In The Bible Get His Strength From?
Samson of the Bible was the mighty judge of Israel. He was he mightiest and strongest man who ever lived. But where is the source of his strength?

Nursing The Spiritually Wounded
May you rise up as a Deborah, a spiritual nurse, constantly nursing the wounded and discouraged people that God brings across your path.

Developing The Gift Of Encouragement
The apostle Paul was a great encourager. Why? Because he worked at it. Cultivate the gift of encouragement in you and be great leader to others.

Touching The Anointed Man Of God
Our attitude determines our altitude. If we could not honor the authority that God has given over us, then we have no right to exercise authority over others. May we never touch the God's anointed.

The Anointing Of God
Do you want the anointing of God in your life? Do you want to move in the realm of the supernatural and see signs and wonders at work in your life? There is a price to pay for the anointing of God.

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