Personal Spiritual Growth

Below are my selection of personal spiritual growth articles to help you grow stronger in the Holy Spirit and overcome the challenges of life.

Friend, do not depend on your own strength, but rely on the Holy Spirit that lives in you.

Sometimes you do not understand why is God allowing bad things to happen in your life. But God is doing something great dor you that you do not know yet.

Have faith in Him and do not give up in your walk with God!

Personal Spiritual Growth Articles And Resources

Crossing The River Of Jordan
When the Israelites were crossing Jordan,they were embarking on a major turning point of their journey. The wildnerness testings were over and a new land awaited them. Have you cross the Jordan River of your life?

Have You Possesed Your Heart?
There are seven things the Lord hates. In "Possessing the Heart", you will learn how to subdue all our enemies and secure our hearts for God to build His habitation.

Moving Into The Place Of Agreement
The place of agreement is the place of power. The place of disagreement is the place of powerlessness. Eliminate disunity in your life and seek unity.

Overcoming Your Past Experiences
Are you oppressed and struggling with old hurts and bad habits? If so, how are you dealing with your past? What are you doing to have a breakthrough in your personal spiritual growth?

Overcoming Trials And Tribulations
We are a generation of Christians who are so fearful of the words "trials and tribulations." But trials and tribulations are part and parcel of the Christian life. They are necessary for personal spiritual growth.

Are You Planted In God's House?
By being planted in God's House, Ruth found her destiny. When you are planted in God's house, you too become part of an amazing process that will manifest Jesus Christ to the whole world. Only then will you experience personal spiritual growth.

Offering The Sacrifice Of Praise
The next time you are serving God and things don't go the way you planned, remember to offer God your sacrifice of praise. Praising God shows your personal spiritual growth. Praise always triump gloriously!

Wanting Something Out Of God's Will
Knowing God's will is very important in your life. You must be very careful when you want something very badly from the Lord.

More Articles On Personal Spiritual Growth

Wandering Through The Trials Of Your Life
There are times of wandering years in your life when you feel like you are wandering through life aimlessly. Though you can't figure out what's happening, but God is working out something wonderful for your life.

Don't Be A Fool Like Nabal
From the Bible accounts of Abigail and Nabal, learn to be wise like Abigail, and not to be like a fool as Nabal.

Dreams And Visions
Dreams and visions are given to us by the Holy Spirit, to know the will of God in our lives, and for us to achieve great things in life so that we can glorify the name of Jesus.

What To Do When All Hope Seems Lost
In the darkest hours of King David's life, his family was taken captive, his possessions were destroyed, his men wanted to stone him. But he looked to God - The Souce of all Restoration of Hope.

A Living Sacrifice
The Bible says that we are all called the moment we are saved. So what is the calling of God in your life? To find out, firstly, you need to present yourself as a living sacrifice.

God's Purpose For Your Life
God is searching for people who would seek His wisdom. Seek divine wisdom and you will blessed with abundance of wealth to perform God's purpose for your life.

Spiritual maturity - Limiting Freedom Out Of Love
Spiritual maturity is when you can limit your own freedom for the benefit of other people. Aim towards that in your personal spiritual growth.

Living With A Thorn In The Flesh
Paul prayed three times For God to remove the thorn in the flesh because it bothered and hurt him. Why did God not remove the thorn in the flesh and allowed it to torment the apostle?

Putting The House Of The Lord First In Your Life
When you have put God the number one in your life, the house of the Lord becomes the first house that you will consider. All your decisions should be made with the house of the Lord in consideration.

Dying To Self
What does it mean to be dying to self? What does it mean to be crucified with Christ? Dying to self is extremely important to personal spiritual growth.

Are You A True Worshipper?
God is looking for true worshippers, righteous men and women who worship God with all their heart, their soul and their strength. Are you a true worshipper?

You Are Chosen By God
Everyone is chosen by God, who knows us even before the world was formed. He foreknew us before the world began, He had also planned the steps to take in His preparation for our life and destiny.

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