What Is a Daniel Fast? What is Daniel's fast for?

The source of the Daniel fast was recorded in the Bible, that Daniel abstained from meat and wine for ten days, and this is where the term Daniel Fast came about.

It is important to note that there is more than one way to fast. For Daniel, he did not totally abstained from food, but he took vegetables and water.

Daniel Fast

During Daniel's Diet or Fast, you are crucifying the flesh, forbidding what your body craves naturally. This will prevent your flesh from dominating your spirit. Instead, your spirit dominates your flesh.

You can go a step further, if you want. You may want to say, "Lord, I'm going to sacrifice some of my time watching televisionto seek and pray to You."

The idea of the Daniel Diet comes from the Book of Daniel 1:8-14, where Daniel did not want to defile himself and sin against the LORD by taking up royal food and wine which are believed to have been offered to idols and false gods. Instead, he chose just to eat vegetables and water.

Maybe there is something you like to do, but it is always stealing the time and energy you have to seek God. Giving up those things may be more effective than giving up on meat in a "normal" Daniel's fast. Listen to the Holy Spirit and follow His leading, regarding the areas in which He wants you to get rid of.

There was an evangelist who decided to give God 10% of his time to pray. He started praying at night when his family hasgone to bed. Each night, he prayed for 2hrs and 40min. To do that he had to sacrifice his television time. God has rewardedhim with an international ministry.

Well, 2hrs and 40min may sound insane to you. How about half an hr a day away from television, games or chatting? Take that time and seek God daily, and expect the Holy Spirit to do great things in your life.

Here's the list of food you can eat for the Daniel Fast.

I've also compiled a list of Daniel Diet Recipes here.