Who Is The Holy Spirit?

It took me 19 years to finally know who is The Holy Spirit. Since then, my life has been turned upside down, right side up.

He is someone who has totally transformed my life.

He has given me a love for God, people and life. He has shown me dreams and visions.

He is the only one capable of taking me out of the depths of depression and sickness.

Who is the Holy Spirit

Who Is The Holy Spirit?
He is God, the third person of the Godhead. He is the power which created the entire universe. he is the power which resurrected Jesus from the graves. He is also the power which gives you the life you are living now.

The Holy Spirit Is The Most Ignored Person In The Church
Do you know that He is the most ignored Person in the church all over the world? When is the last time you spoke to Him? Do you know that He yearns for your fellowship?

Have You Heard The Voice Of God? How Does He Speaks To You?
Does the voice of the Holy Spirit thunders and shakes the Earth? On the contrary, it is gentle, soft, encouraging and comforting. Learn how to hear from the Holy Spirit now!

The Person Of The Holy Spirit
There are many names that refer to the Holy Spirit in the bible. The different names of the Holy Spirit are not to cause confusion, but to help us understand His character better!

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Are You Like The Tax Collector on The Sycamore Tree?
Like a needle through the fruit of a sycamore tree, the love of Jesus and the breath of the Holy Spirit can melt the hardest of hearts.

Then Unlimited Power of The Holy Spirit in You
The mighty Holy Spirit can give us power, unlimited power, to work signs and miracles for Jesus and to achieve great success in life.

What Attracts The Holy Spirit? What Makes Him Happy?
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Four Truths About The Wind Of The Holy Spirit
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Do You Believe You Can Do Greater Works Than Jesus Did?
Jesus expects believers to exceed the works He did. But how? How do we do greater works than the Son of God Himself? Not by who we are, but by who the Holy Spirit is.

Are you Empowered By The Power Of The Holy Spirit?
Jesus makes it clear the ultimate purpose of the empowering of the Holy Spirit, so that you will receive the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Great Commission.

Have You Circumcised Your Heart?
Circumcision has a marvelous spiritual significance. A believer cannot receive his inheritance until he is circumcised. Are you going to circumcise your heart? When you do that, you will start to know who is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit Wants Your Heart Undivided
Are you following the Holy Spirit with a divided heart? Are you a Saul who follows half-heartedly or a David who follows Him with all his heart?

Counsel Of The Enemy
Are you listening to the lies of Satan or the voice of the Holy Spirit? Learn to depend on the Holy Spirit and achieve success in every spiritual war.

The Double Portion Of The Holy Spirit
King Solomon's Temple is a picture of the End-time Church. The Church in the last days will receive a double portion of the Holy Spirit and His anointing for a great global harvest.

Temple Of The Holy Spirit
As believers, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit dwells in us. What kind of temple does God want us to be in His kingdom? We can have a clue from king Solomon's temple.

Carriers Of The Presence Of The Holy Spirit
How do we carry God's presence in our life? How can we carry the glory and power of the Holy Spirit?

Church Worship
Church Worship is something that is very important to the Holy Spirit. Let us look at the way David established the house of God for the people to worship God.

Moving In The Realm Of The Holy Spirit
What is moving in the Spirit? How do we discern spiritual atmospheres? How can we lead a life of exciting adventures with the Holy Spirit?

Grieving The Holy Spirit
Who is the Holy Spirit? He is someone who is easily grieved. If we love God, we should never be grieving the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is chased away and easily grieved by disobedience, complaining, sin, wrong attitudes and rebellion.

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