Nursing The Wounded - Christian Daily Devotions - April 6 2006

Nursing The Wounded - Verse of the Day :
Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, until I, Deborah, arose, arose a mother in Isreal.
-Judges 5:7

Daily Bible Reading Plan

Morning : Acts 7

Evening : Judges 4-6

Nursing The Wounded

In the book of Judges, the wife of Lapidoth was special because she was the only female judge of the Bible. She was the first female head of state in the history of Israel.

Deborah was not her original name. She received her name from another Hebrew girl who lived generations before--Deborah, the nurse of Rebekah (Gen. 35:8).

As such, when God raised up the wife of Lapidoth to be the judge of Israelm she burrowed the name of Rebekah's aide since she herself functioned very much as a "nurse" to the entire nation.

A nurse is someone who takes care of another person who is sick or wounded. As a nurse, Deborah was a spiritual mother of Israel. The name "Deborah" literally means a "bee." In entomology, there is a very special bee that is called a "nurse bee." Its function in the bee colony is to care for the young.

April 6 - Nursing The Wounded - Christian Daily Devotions

The minitry of Deborah was just like that. God used her to nurse a spiritually sick and backslidden nation back to a healthy relationship with Him.

As a deliverer, Deborah delivered the children of Israel from the oppression of the Canaanites. As an encourager, she inspired the demoralized Barak and gave him confidence to lead the army of Israel against the enemy (Judg. 4:8-9).

As a restorer, Deborah restored the faith of the people back to the living God. As a woman, she allowed herself to be physically and emotionally vulnerable in the face of great adversity.

With so many who are bruised and wounded today, God needs spiritual mothers and shepherds in His Church. He needs leaders who will bind the wounds of those who are hurt and strength those who are weak. God is looking for leaders who can be vulnerable and meek before the people they serve.

A good leader would be like Jesus, who would "feed His flock like a shepherd; He will gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom, and gently lead those who are with young" (Is. 40:11).

The Canaanites speak of the curse of sin (Gen. 9:24-27). Every soul is precious. We must not lose them to the Canaanites. May you rise up as a Deborah--a spiritual nurse--to the spiritually wounded and discouraged people God brings across your path.

April 6 - Nursing The Wounded - Christian Daily Devotions

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