Christian Daily Devotionals For Month Of February

February 1-28 2006 - Christian Daily Devotionals

Daily Bible Reading Plan

Old Testament :
Exodus 27 - Numbers 18

New Testament :
Mark 4 - Luke 15

I hope that you can profit from these daily devotionals that are written by my pastor. I have been greatly blessed by them, and I wish the same for you too.
February 19 - The Power Of Tithing

February 20 - Adult Adolescence

February 21 - Strange Fire

February 22 - A Boy And His Lunch

February 23 - The Art Of Soul-Winning

February 24 - A Life In The Spirit

February 25 - Criticizing Leadership

Fenruary 26 - Don't Limit Yourself

February 27 - Making The Difference

February 28 - Welcome The Lost

Friends, I hope that you have been greatly blessed by these devotionals written by my Pastor, Rev. Kong Hee.

Let us grow closer and closer in our walk with our dearest Holy Spirit!
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