Christian Ice Breaker Games

Hi! Here are my collections of christian ice breaker games for your cell group meeting, youth group meeting, or any other events which involve games.

These are simple, team building, easy to play, non messy games that brings great joy and excitement.

I will be adding more team building ice breaker games in time to come. In the mean time, enjoy them!

Christian IceBreaker Games : Indian Poker

Christian Ice Breaker Games - Indian Poker

Game Description
Players will take a card from a deck without seeing the card. The card shall be placed on the forehead, allowing all to see. Players can advise other players to change the card. Player with the smallest card loses.

Number Of Players :

  • 5 or more

    Materials Needed :
  • None

    Noise Level :
  • Low

    Neutrals :
  • None

  • None

    How To Play :
  • Players will sit in a circle
  • Each player will draw a card
  • Player will hold up his card on his forehead
  • Other players can advise him or her to change his card
  • When everyone is satisfied with their card, everybody will put their card on the floor to see their own card
  • The person with the smallest card is the loser for that round
  • 3 losses = forfeit :)
  • The game will be fun if you are able to advise someone with a big card (i.e King or Ace) to drop his card and to change another card

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