Christian Inspirational Poem

Below are my selection of Christian Inspirational Poem for encouragement and edification.

These are all original christian inspirational poem. Not taken from books or any other websites.

Please feel free to use them to bless others.

But be sure to give credit to the author and this website.

All For You

Anything for anyone
I will go
For You i strive for something more
Over the mountians and into the Valleys
On You i set my eyes on
Forever to thee
Dear friends i pray you that you can see
In here you'll find eternity
Truely no one promise that everything will be easy
A step of faith is all you need
Because it changes everything

By Hwee Teng

How Could I Not Know

Your faithfulness is like the sun,
Which never fails to rise.
Your thoughts towards us is like the sand,
Which is too much to count.
Your love for us,
Is like the the endless ocean,
Too deep to comprehend.
How could I not know this earlier?
How could I be so blind until now?
You are all I ever have.
You are all I ever need.

By Lim Tianyi

Hope In The Lord

A broken down world we live in,
Where every corner the devil is lurking.
Searching for a chance to bring down the broken hearted,
while he is waiting to extend his kingdom.
Do Not be disheartened,
For we do not want to lose hope,
In the promises God made to us.

By Hwee Teng

Let Go And Let God

Let go, Let God
Have you ever come to a point
and thought to yourself
just a bit more
and you'll soon see the light

In the pitch darkness
you cry out loud to the all four walls
yet all you get was just silence
you pressed on still just trying to get a glimpse of light

Tears flow down the side of your cheeks
the only thing you ever felt warm on you
your heart grew cold
your mind only ever thought that what you did was wrong

Alone in the deafening silence
alone in the blinding darkness
who could you turn to
who would even listen

All of a sudden you thought of Him
someone you don’t even know who really existed
in your memory
He was just a Man

A man someone in your class called friend
A man your parents called their Lord Saviour
A man who had Christmas as a birthday day
A man you know who hung on the cross

In the longing for a ear
in the longing for a shoulder
won't you just call out to Him
Jesus, Someone who is always there

A son of God
Who walks the earth
Touching lives of many
Who finally shed His blood for eternity

Many Many years later
this covenant still stands through
He died on the cross
for your sins and mine

Diseases and infirmities
He took with Him
setting free the oppressed
He opened us to Him

Would you have called out to Him earlier
if you truly know He is your Saviour
Nothing you've done He would not forgive
when you really believe

His love will warm up your heart
His hand will pick you up
Let go of all pain n guilt
and in Him you'll be new once again

By Hwee Teng

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