Christian Jokes For Kids

Below are my collections of christian jokes for kids. Hear them, tell them to your kids. They will love it. Have fun and enjoy!

Christian Jokes For Kids

Question: Which character in the Bible seemingly has no parents?
Answer: Joshua, because he is the son of Nun.

Question: Who was the first person mentioned in the Bible to play tennis?
Answer: Joseph, because he served in the Pharoah's court.

Jack, a sunday school teacher, asked his students to draw a baby of infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph fleeing from the evil King Herod. Janet drew a jumbo jet with three heads looking out the windows.

Jack: "That's interesting, where are they going?"
Janet: "Egypt."
jack: "In an aeroplane?"
Janet: "Yes. And Pontius the pilot is driving."

Andy: "Grandpa, were you on Noah's ark?"
Grandpa: "Oh no, I wasn't."
Andy: "Then how did you survive the flood?"

What kind of lights did Noah had on his ark?

What did Noah say after he had loaded all the animals into the ark?
"Now I've herded everything."

I hope you have enjoyed christian jokes for kids! If you have any funny jokes which you would like to share with me and the audiences, please contact me. I will be adding new jokes in time to come, so please come back again!

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