Christian Love Poems

Here are some of my best collections of christian love poems that expresses our heartfelt love for God. If you would like to reproduce them to inspire others, please give credit to this website and the author. Enjoy!

Once Again

Father LORD I cry out to you
Please give me the chance to start over again
I didn't mean to forget you
Let me hear Your voice once again

Oh LORD can You hear me?
I feel so lost
I want to go back to the start
Where I could see You Face once again

My Father in Heaven
I love You now and forever more
Take me out of the gallows
I will testify of Your Love once again

Truely my Abba Father
You have never leave nor forsake me
Open up my heart
So I could see You in front of me once again

By Hwee Teng

I will be adding more and more love poems for christians in time to come. If you have any that you wish to share with us, or to publicise them, please contact me at the bottom button of the navigation bar on the left. God bless you!

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