Christian Poems For Children

Here are some of my collection of free Christian Poems for Children. Use them and tell the kids how great and mighty Jesus is! Be sure to give credit to the authors mentioned. :) If you are using it for your website, please include a link back to

Jesus Is My Superhero

Jesus is my Superhero.
He is stronger than Superman.
He is faster than the Flash.
He is smarter than Spiderman.
He is wiser than Professor X.
He is more powerful than all the baddies.
They cannot lay a finger on Him,
Jesus has defeated them all.
And He is always protecting me,
Because He loves me.
Jesus is my Superhero!

By Lim Tianyi

Come Into Me Heart

Standing at the door of my heart,
Knocking at it day and night.
I used to ignore Him,
I used to ask Him to go away.
But He never left me,
Because His love for you and me will never fail.
He is always so patient,
He never gives up.
I have opened the door to Jesus,
I have asked Him to come in.
Dear Lord, come into my heart,
Please enter in and lock the door.
Throw the key away,
That I will never find it.

By Lim Tianyi

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