Christian Poems For Women

Below are my selection of Christian Poems for Women to help them grow stronger and closer to the Holy Spirit.

Please feel free to use them and to bless others.

Be sure to give credit to the author and this website if you are reproducing it.
In You I trust, With You I walk, Before You I wait

In You I trust
Believing the promise set before me
That I should be anxious for nothing
For You are with me.

'Never leave you nor forsake you' You once said
Till now I'm still holding on to that
For every step I take I'll pray
Its with You I walk with, how I wish theres no end!

Before You I'll wait
Faithful with the little things given to me
For its in my heart that You'll see
A woman after Your heart so earnestly.

By Hwee Teng

If you have any wonderful poems for women, and you want to share them with us, please contact me below and I will post your poems here.

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