Free Easter Poems For Children

Collection of free easter poems for children. Suitable for children of ages 6 - 12. You may use them in your web sites, greeting cards, emails and church events. Please give credit to this site by including a link back to

Jesus Lives

How wonderful is Jesus,
Who came to Earth so we could be saved by Him.
How compassionate is He,
Who went around healing all the sick and lamed.
How awesome is Jesus,
Who is able to cast out demons with His finger.
How gentle is He,
Who welcomes children into His embrace.
How merciful is Jesus,
Who forgives all our sins.
How great is His love for you,
Who died on the cross for us.
How mighty is Jesus,
Who went to Hades and defeated the Devil.
On the third day,
Jesus rose from the dead.
Death and darkness could not stop Him.
Jesus is risen.
He is alive.
Now He lives in you,
And you in Him.

By Lim Tianyi

More Than Easter Bunnies

More than Easter bunnies
And chocolate eggs galore
Is the cross of Calvary
The sacrifice of our Lord
For Jesus is the reason
We all can celebrate
And come to Him to freely receive
His love and saving grace

By M.S.Lowndes

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