Free Ice Breakers And Team Building Games

Running out of ideas for ice breakers and team building games?

We have free ice breakers ideas for you!

Well, please be careful and do not injure yourselves. It is important to watch where you are going and please be gentle!

Hope you like them!

Ice Breakers : Color Your Butt

Free Ice Breakers

Game Description
An individual game. A color would be called. And everyone will have to sit on something that has the same color as the color being called

Number Of Players :

  • 10 or more

    Materials Needed :
  • None

    Noise Level :
  • Low

    Neutrals :
  • A judge who catches the last person to sit on the object which has the color of the color called. For example, when I call for yellow, everyone will have to sit on something yellow. :)

  • None

    How To Play :
  • Everyone will start walking around in an allocated area
  • The judge will call for a color
  • The last person to sit on that color will be the one calling for the next color
  • Forfeit after 3 losses

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