Free Team Building Activities

Below are my collections of free team building activities.

They are not only good for building bonding among members and staff, they are also very exciting.

Please feel free to make modifications of your own, as long as you have fun!

I will be adding more team building activities for your usage in time to come.

So, please come back more often and hope you like them!

Free Team Building Activities

Pass The Message

Game Description
Players in a team will have to pass a chain of message, by whispering, from one person to another. Group with the most accurate message at the end wins.

Number Of Players

  • 14 or more

    Materials Needed
  • Present for winning team

    Noise Level
  • Little

  • Game master

  • Messages written on a paper

    How To Play
  • Players are divided into groups of 6-10
  • Players are to form a line in their groups
  • First man of each group will receive their message from game master
  • Message is whispered from first man to last man
  • After all the last man has received their message, each will take turn to repeat what they have last heard
  • Group with the most accurate, least distorted message wins

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