Ice Breaker Games

Here are more ice breaker games for you.

They are great for breaking down the walls between people and creates a more friendly, fun and confortable environment for everyone.

Try them with your friends, church mates, meetings, gatherings and parties.

Be the one that breaks the ice!

Famous People

Ice breaker Games

Game Description
One representative from each group will be required to act out from a list of famous people. Group members will then have to guess the person he or she is acting.

Number Of Players :

  • 5 or more in each group

    Materials Needed :
  • Plain Papers
  • Timer
  • Cards with a list of 10 famous people or cartoon characters to be acted out by the players

    Noise Level :
  • Moderate

    Neutrals :
  • Time keeper
  • A judge to count the number of correct guesses

  • List famous people to be acted out on small cards

    How To Play :
  • Groups will take turn to send a representative
  • He will pick a card containing a list of 10 famous people.
  • He will be allowed to imitate the character's voice
  • He can choose to pass to the next item on the list
  • Time limit of 3 min
  • Winner may be rewarded with snacks while the team with the least score will have to do a forfeit :)

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