Ice Breakers Games

Not enough ice breakers games? I have more for you here!

Downside is... people tend to make too much noise while playing them!

These are really exciting ice breakers. I have played them with my friends many times and we're never weary of them!

Feel free to make adjustments to the games to suit your group.

They are also great for team building. You will love them!

IceBreakers Games : Remember Me Not

Game Description
In 3 min, players will have to memorise the details of a piece of supermarket catalogue (weight, cost etc). Game master will ask a random question such as "How much is a bottle of Ribena? What is the weight of a packet of instant noodles?" First person who raises his hands will get to answer. Team with most correct answer wins.

Number Of Players :

  • 10-20 (5-10 in a team)

    Materials Needed :
  • 2 Identical piece of catalogue

    Noise Level :
  • Low

    Neutrals :
  • Game Host

  • None

    How To Play :
  • Players will be divided into teams
  • Each team will receive a piece of the catalogue to memorise
  • Time given to memorise is 3min
  • When time is up, host will collect the catalogue
  • Host gives first question
  • First person who raises his hand may answer the question
  • Points for correct answer, deduction for incorrect answer and chance given to opposite team, no deduction if the second team answers wrongly
  • Host can give up to 10 questions
  • Winning team may be rewarded and losing team to do a forfeit :)

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