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What does it mean to be led by the Holy Spirit? Is it possible to have an intimate relationship with God? God Himself wants to draw closer to you. He wants to let you know how much He loves you!

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.."
-James 4:8(NKJV)

But the condition is: You have to draw near to Him first! Then He will draw near to you.

It doesn't matter whether you are a christian or catholic or any other denominations or religion. If you are ready for a more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit that exceeds anything you have ever thought possible, put on your seat belts and read on.

Hi friend. I am not a world wide evangelist nor a pastor of a church. But like you, I do not want to lead a dry, boring and dull christian life. I want to walk closer to God, to hear His voice, and to have a exciting and wonderful journey with Him.

In the world today, millions and millions of christians are satisfied to settle for the dry shadow of christianity that knows about the Word of God, and not the God of the Word.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.." is an incredible invitation from the Creator of the universe. God does not desire us to worship Him with our lips and rituals every sunday in service. But to enter into a genuine relationship, so close and loving, where He knows your heart, and you know His heart.

I used to feel that God is distant. But the bible says that the cause of this is not God, but myself! My desires and focus on material possessions, entertainment and religious worship created a wall between God and me.

Good news! If we are willing to humble ourselves, open up our hearts to receive Him, He will fill our body with His Holy Spirit and reveals to us the truth about Himself.

Prayers will no longer be like chanting a wish list to God that doesn't seem to be paying any attention, but will be like a fulfilling chat between best friends where each shares the deepest secrets of their hearts.

This is only possible when we are know the Spirit of God, purchased by the blood of jesus when He died for our sins 2000 years ago. I know that I know that I know, when you begin to know the Holy Spirit more and more, you will have a passion for God that burns like a fire in your heart!

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