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Stretching your Faith

As I was praying today, I begin to sit down on the floor and tried to bend down as low as I could. I was feeling a stretch in my hamstrings, and I realized that it had been a long time since I did stretching exercises.

How many of you know that stretching an "old" muscle can be rather painful? Especially if you are not very flexible.

Then I caught a revelation that our faith, our capacity, our spiritual muscles are like natural muscles. The more you stretch your muscles, the further you can reach, the faster you can run the more weight you can carry without feeling as tired.

In the supernatural, the more we pray, the more time and money we use to serve God, the more we step out in cell groups to prophesy and to pray coporately, the more we take the courage to invite friends and relatives to attend services, the greater our faith and capacity will grow.

Stretching Your Faith - My Revelations

But again, you may have been very fit physically at once, very flexible, able to put your legs behind your necks, able to do a 180 degrees split. But you have been busy with life, other stuff that caused you to neglect your training, you will not be able to these things you used to do. And when you try to do them now, it can be very painful.

That is the same in the supernatural. If we stop stretching our faith, if we cease to pray, to seek God, to step out to pray, to heal, and to evangelize, our spiritual capacity will begin to drop.

Friend, if you feel that you were not as fervent as you used to be, or that you want to be more on fire for God and what to do great things for Him, I challenge you to push beyond what you did yesterday, or last week, or last year. Begin to build your spiritual muscles.

It may be painful at first. But as your muscles are built up, it becomes easier, it becomes more effective. You can touch more lives, do greater things for God, and see more of your friends and family members coming to Christ. Let the Holy Spirit come into your life, let Him take over, rely on His strength and become the spiritual giant that God wants you to be.

Stretching Your Faith - My Revelations

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