Exciting Youth Group Ice Breakers And Games

Fun youth group ice breakers!

Before our youth meeting starts our cell group leader would divide us into groups for games.

All of us get so excited whenever we play these games!

If you are a youth leader or you are searching for ice breakers and ideas for group outings and fellowship, please feel free to try out these great games.

Please enjoy!

Youth Group IceBreakers : Overflowing

Youth Group Ice Breakers

Game Description
Group will compete playing scissors, paper, stones. Loser will have to pour water from a 500ml bottle to a 250ml cup. The player can pour any amount of water into the cup. Whoever causes the cup to overflow loses.

Number Of Players :

  • 5 or more in each group (2 Groups)

    Materials Needed :
  • 500ml Bottle
  • 250ml Cup

    Noise Level :
  • Low

    Neutrals :
  • A judge who watches the cup for overflow

  • Fill the 500ml bottle with water
  • Flat surface to place the bottle and cup

    How To Play :
  • Groups will send a representative each
  • Representatives will play scissors, paper, stones
  • Loser will have to pour water from the bottle into the cup
  • in any amount
  • Group loses if representative overflows the cup

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