Fun Youth Ice Breakers

Looking for youth ice breakers for your youth ministry?

Here are my collections of simple, non messy and fun youth team building ice breaker games.

You do not have to follow the rules exactly, but you can make adjustments to them to suit your group.

Suitable for teenages and young adults. Please enjoy!

Youth IceBreakers : Murderer

Game Description
A murderer is out killing innocent people. Can the detectives find out who the murderer is before they get killed?

Number Of Players :

  • 8 or more players

    Materials Needed :
  • Poker Card

    Noise Level :
  • Low

    Neutrals :
  • None

  • 1 Joker Card
  • 2 Ace Cards
  • (x-3) number of "normal" cards (ie 2, 3, 5, 9) while x is the total number of players

    How To Play :
  • Each player will draw a card.
  • Joker represents the murderer
  • Ace represents the detective
  • To kill someone, the murderer would have to wink an eye at the person he or she is looking at
  • In response, the person being killed will have to drop his card facing up, indicating he or she is dead
  • The detectives have to identify the murderer before they themselves are kill
  • Murderer wins when all civilians are killed or when both the detectives are killed
  • Detectives win when they identify the murderer

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